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Read My Lips

 Author: Riki Anne Wilchins  Category: Lammy Finalist  Published: January 1, 1997  ISBN: UOM:39015058013239  Pages: 244  Language: English

Riki Anne Wilchins has written the book that may take the discussion of gender over the top. Read My Lips: Sexual Subversion and the tend of Gender, a frontal assault on both the status quo in academic studies and the full spectrum of single-issue identity politics, will change the way you think about bodies, sex, and gender. Yours and everyone else’s.Combining the theoretical breakthroughs of Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble and the performance revelations of Kate Bornstein’s Gender Outlaw, Wilchins — cofounder of the Transsexual Menace — moves the dialogue to a new level. In a voice that is by turns outraged, outrageous, sad, and hilarious, the author weaves theory and personal experience into a compelling story of self-discovery. She redefines what it means to be “gendered”, both by the way she lives and the accessible theoretical narrative she constructs.Read My Lips, with its unique mix of theory and application, anecdote and affront, will appeal to feminists, queer academics, activists, transpeople, “the-queer-on-the-street”, and the increasing audience of mainstream readers hungry for writing that pushes the absolute edge of the gender envelope.OUT Magazine says that the author “has surfaced as the Superhero of this burgeoning (transgender) movement”. Wilchins, herself, signs off on her email as follows: “Just your average straight white guy with a cunt who really digs lezzie chicks like me”. Rarely have smarts and chutzpah produced such good effect.

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