FAQ #1 Do you make money if I buy through your links?

Yes, for some of the links. I currently receive commissions from the following sites:

  • alibris.com
  • amazon.com
  • bookshop.org
  • kobo.com
  • libro.fm

FAQ #2 What is QLL?

Queer Liberation Library (QLL, pronounced “quill”) is a queer digital library that makes queer literature, information, and resources available to their library members across the United States. Membership is free. Donations are welcome. The Trans Literature Database is not associated with QLL in any way. I support their mission and like to promote them.

FAQ #3 What is Find in a Library?

Find in a Library buttons link to worldcat.org, a catalog of holdings of libraries nationwide. It does not include all libraries, so you may want to check your local library catalog as well.

FAQ #4 I am an author who would like their work included. How can I do that?

Fill out my Author Contact Form. You can also use that form for corrections and additions to your work.

FAQ #5 I have a question that is not answered here

You can contact me any time with questions, corrections or comments.