Find Great Trans Books on Kobo Plus

Kobo Plus has plenty of books by and about trans & nonbinary people to fulfill your reading needs. After a brief description of the service, I’ll list some of the trans titles available on Kobo Plus now.

Kobo Plus is similar to Kindle Unlimited in terms of reader experience. For a monthly fee you can read as many titles in the lending library as you’d like.

However, Kobo Plus does not tie the author to one sales outlet like Kindle Unlimited does. Amazon has an exclusivity rule for any title in their Kindle Select program which is how one gets into Kindle Unlimited. For indie authors and small presses, if the ebook is in Kindle Unlimited, it cannot be sold on Kobo, Apple, or other retail outlets. If the ebook is on Kobo Plus it can be sold anywhere.

Here’s a quick comparison of the two programs:

Kobo PlusKindle Unlimited
Price$7.99 for Ebooks or Audiobooks / $9.99 for both$11.99
FormatsEbooks, AudiobooksEbooks, Audiobooks, Magazines
Library sizeover 1.5 million eBooks and over 150,000 audiobooks1.5-4.0 million eBooks* and ‘thousands’ / over 6000 audiobooks**
*Amazon is mum on numbers. I found these widely differing numbers in blog articles published in Nov 2023. ** One article said ‘thousands.’ When I did a search, it returned over 6000 results.

If you have a Kindle ereader or you read magazines that Kindle Unlimited has in their library, then Kindle Unlimited would be your choice. For the size of libraries, Kobo Plus is a good choice for Audiobooks, and it may have about the same number of ebooks as Amazon. In terms of cost, Kobo Plus is the clear winner, especially if you don’t use both ebooks and audiobooks.

Kobo Plus as a Choice for Trans & Nonbinary books

I’ve been able to find many books in Kobo Plus that are by and about trans and nonbinary people. There is a wide variety of genres, including poetry and nonfiction.

For both Kobo Plus and Kindle Unlimited there is an overabundance of erotica titles with the word transgender in them, so if you search for transgender fiction, for example, you will have a lot of sorting through to do. I recommend searching for titles instead of broad subject searches. Both the Kobo and Amazon links in the Trans Literature Database will take you to a page that shows you whether they are available on Kobo Plus or Kindle Unlimited. This is also why I started collecting a list of non-erotica titles I found on Kobo Plus.

Without further ado, here are the trans and nonbinary titles I have found so far on Kobo Plus.

Five Recent Trans & Nonbinary books available on Kobo Plus


OKPsyche by Anya Johanna DeNiro

“An amazing short novella which incorporates the changing world of a trans woman as she navigates a world perhaps slightly weirder than our own.” (Read more)

Artifact of the Dawn cover image - shows two human like beings looking out across a valley with a futuristic building in the foreground and snowy mountains in the background

Artifact of the Dawn by Grayson Bell

Book 1 of The Cycles of Revelation. Taking shelter from a sudden rainstorm, Ardyn of the Athla’naa finds a strange object, inscribed with the ancient writing of his people. Except, it’s all wrong. (Read more)

Siphany and the Whale

Siphany and the Whale by Susan Jane Bigelow

Siphany and Lurbira, Book One. You blow up one crappy little space drone, and everything goes to hell. (Read more)

Freedom House

Freedom House by KB Brookins

Freedom House is a poetry collection that explores internal, interpersonal, and systemic freedom. (Read more)

The Default World

The Default World by Naomi Kanakia

This darkly funny novel skewers privileged leftist millennial tech culture and asks whether “found family” is just another of the twenty-first century’s broken promises. (Read more)

Shadow House - Joe Rielinger

Shadow House by Joe Rielinger

Terry Luvello, PI Book 3. Book 1 and Book 2 also available. An unexpected visit from the daughter of an old mentor launches private detective Terry Luvello into one of the most intriguing cases of his career. (Read more)

More trans & nonbinary books I’ve found on Kobo Plus