The contributors to Feminism against Cisness showcase the future of feminist historical, theoretical, and political thought freed from the conceptual strictures of cisness: the fallacy that assigned sex determines sexed experience. The essays demonstrate that this fallacy hinges on the enforcement of white and bourgeois standards of gender comportment that naturalize brutalizing race and class hierarchies. It is, therefore, no accident that the social processes making cisness compulsory are also implicated in anti-Blackness, misogyny, Indigenous erasure, xenophobia, and bourgeois antipathy for working-class life. Working from trans historical archives and materialist trans feminist theories, this volume demonstrates the violent work that cis ideology has done and thinks toward a future for feminism beyond this ideology’s counterrevolutionary pull.

Contributors. Cameron Awkward-Rich, Marquis Bey, Kay Gabriel, Jules Gill-Peterson, Emma Heaney, Margaux L. Kristjansson, Greta LaFleur, Grace Lavery, Durba Mitra, Beans Velocci, Joanna Wuest

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About the author

Cameron Awkward-Rich

Cameron Awkward-Rich is the author of two  collections  of poetry: Sympathetic Little Monster (Ricochet Editions, 2016) and Dispatch  (Persea Books, 2019). His creative work has been supported by fellowships from Cave Canem, The Watering Hole, and the Lannan Foundation.Also a scholar of...

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Kay Gabriel

Kay Gabriel is a poet and essayist. With Andrea Abi-Karam, she co-edited We Want It All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics. She’s the author of Kissing Other People or the House of Fame and A Queen in Bucks County.

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Marquis Bey

Dr. Marquis Bey (they/them, or any pronoun)* completed a PhD in English at Cornell University in May 2019 and is currently Professor of Black Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and English, and core faculty in Critical Theory, at Northwestern University....

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