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Cistem Failure – Marquis Bey

- essays on blackness and cisgende
 Series: ASTERISK: Gender Trans- and All That Comes After  Author: Marquis Bey  Category: Trans Studies  Publisher: Duke University Press  Published: January 1, 2022  ISBN: 9781478018445  Pages: 192  Language: English  Tags: Trans Man / Masc Author |  Alibris  Amazon  Bookshop org  Kobo  Publisher  Find in a Library
In Cistem Failure Marquis Bey meditates on the antagonistic relationship between blackness and cisgender. Bey asks, What does it mean to have a gender that “matches” one’s sex—that is, to be cisgender—when decades of feminist theory have destroyed the belief that there is some natural way to be a sex? Moving from the The Powerpuff Girls to the greeting “How ya mama’n’em?” to their own gender identity, Bey finds that cisgender is too flat as a category to hold the myriad ways that people who may or may not have undergone gender-affirmative interventions depart from gender alignment. At the same time, blackness, they contend, strikes at the heart of cisgender’s invariable coding as white: just as transness names a non-cis space, blackness implies a non-cis space. By showing how blackness opens up a way to subvert the hegemonic power of the gender binary, Bey makes a case for an antiracist gender abolition project that rejects cisgender as a regulatory apparatus.
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Marquis Bey

Dr. Marquis Bey (they/them, or any pronoun)* completed a PhD in English at Cornell University in May 2019 and is currently Professor of Black Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and English, and core faculty in Critical Theory, at Northwestern University....

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