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Transcendent 3: The Year’s Best Transgender Themed Speculative Fiction

 Author: Bogi Takacs  Category: Fiction  Published: November 1, 2018  ISBN: 1590217063  Pages: 264  Language: English

These stories are sometimes grim, sometimes cheerful, sometimes quirky-but always full of emotion. Editor Takács has assembled a range of non-cis experiences: from an intergalactic art heist to the everyday life of a trans woman through the lens of horror movies; non-binary parenting in the far future, to steampunk adventure.

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Bogi Takács

Bogi Takács is a Hungarian Jewish agender trans person (e/em/eir/emself or they pronouns) and an immigrant to the US. Bogi lives in Lawrence, Kansas, with eir family and a congregation of books. Bogi writes, edits, and reviews speculative fiction and...

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