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Objects from a Borrowed Confession

 Author: Julie Carr  Category: Lammy Finalist  Published: January 1, 2016  ISBN: 1934103705  Pages: 149  Language: English

“Objects from a Borrowed Confession includes an epistolary novella, two essays, an experimental memoir, a letter, and a series of other prose works all circling the theme of confession. The book takes up questions of desire, loneliness, anger, envy, and grief as it considers what drives us to confess. Is confession “truth telling,” or more a way to invent a narrative of selfhood? In confessing are we asking to be absolved, or seeking to be made whole? What is intimacy and is it possible to forge an intimacy with someone you have never met? Is love a feeling or a condition? Does the self exist once the mind is lost? What, finally, is the value of having and confessing a “self” in the face of violence and loss” —

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