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I Know Very Well How I Got My Name by Elliott DeLine

 Author: Elliott DeLine  Category:  Publisher: CreateSpace  Published: April 2, 2013  ISBN: 1482797526  Pages: 124  Language: English  Tags: Indie AuthorTrans Man / Masc Author |

The night he loses his virginity, he becomes Dean. Amy Wagner names him–and she would know best. Amy knows all kinds of things that Dean doesn’t understand–things about sex, music, and the darker side of life. All Dean knows is his safe suburban home with his parents, books, and imaginary games. Until now, he’s been able to hide his true identity, even from himself. To the rest of the world, Dean is a teenage girl–an awkward, boyish teenage girl, but a girl nonetheless. Meeting Amy changes everything. Soon that protected world around him begins to fall apart6, and he is left with no option but to face himself and the truth. A prequel to his critically-acclaimed novel Refuse, Elliott DeLine’s second book is about the prevailing myths surrounding bullying and abuse, and the hardships of being young and transgender without a community or a roadmap.–Adapted from back cover.

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