7 Upcoming Trans Books You Don’t Want to Miss

May and June are full of new releases, here are a 7 upcoming trans books you don't want to miss.

May and June are full of new releases, here are a 7 upcoming trans books you don’t want to miss.

Breathe Journeys to Healthy Binding cover

Breathe (5/7/24)

From Maia Kobabe, the author of Gender Queer, the graphic novel right-wingers love to hate, and Dr. Sarah Peitzmeier comes this guide to binding in a healthy way. I would have grabbed this in a second back in my late thirties. If you bind or are thinking about binding, I’d check this one out.

Gooseberry (5/14/24)

From genderqueer author Robin Gow, this middle grade novel features a young nonbinary person, orphaned at age 4, who is looking for family and finds it with a dog named Gooseberry. The cover is beautiful and the story sounds sweet.

Flyboy cover

Flyboy (5/14/24)

In Kasey LeBlanc‘s Flyboy, closeted trans boy Asher escapes at night in his dreams to a magic-filled circus where he can be himself. His real life sounds like it sucks- Catholic school, plaid skirts, cranky nuns. What happens when his dreams leak into his real life? Sounds like a book for fans of magical fantasy.

Free to be by Jack Turban cover

Free To Be (6/4/24)

Jack Turban‘s Free To Be is sure to be a comprehensive and trans positive book. Dr. Turban is a professor and researcher on transgender and gender diverse youth. I used to follow him on Twitter where he was always there to defend trans youth and correct misinformation. If I were still working in a library this would be a definite buy.

Triple Sec by TJ Alexander cover

Triple Sec (6/4/24)

TJ Alexander, author of Chef’s Choice, has a new romance out soon. Triple Sec is described as a fresh and sizzling polyamorous rom-com. If you’re a fan of TJ Alexander or rom-coms, this goes on the TBR list.

Cuckoo (6/11/24)

Gretchen Felker-Martin has a new book out in June, and it sounds as scary and intense as Manhunt. I don’t know how scary and intense that was because I didn’t have the nerve to read it, but if you loved Manhunt, you’ll definitely want to put this one on your list.

Make It Count (6/18/24)

I admit, I don’t follow sports news so this is the first I had heard of CeCé Telfer and her fight to make it into the Olympics. This is her life story, from Jamaica to the NCAA to pursuing her Olympic dreams. Things are hard for trans women athletes these days, and this memoir fills an important space.

What upcoming trans books are you looking forward to? Share in the comments below.

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