New Releases Week of 7/10/23

New releases include poetry, science fiction, a picture book and a memoir.

I found four new releases this week of nonbinary & trans-related books.

Cover image of Binded
Binded by H. Warren (Poetry)
“H Warren’s (they/them) debut collection, Binded, explores the nonbinary body and the courage it takes to heal and exist in the world today.”
Boreal Books
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Cover image of My heart is human
My Heart Is Human: A post-apocalyptic tale of trans identity by Reese Hogan (Science Fiction)
“A single father fights to retain control as he shares his body and mind with an evolving AI”
Space Wizard Science Fantasy
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Cover image of Simply Skye
Simply Skye by Pamela Morgan (author) & Heather Bell (illustrator) (Picture Book)

“Avi’s doll Skye is not a boy or a girl. Neither is Avi. But what will their family think?”
Amicus Ink
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Cover image of a T-Road Less Traveled
A T-road Less Traveled: My Journey from Tin Man to Trans Woman by Sophie Michaels  (Memoir)
Palmetto Publishing
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