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Nerve Endings

 Author: Tobi Hill-Meyer  Category: Erotic fiction  Published: January 1, 2017  ISBN: 0990452875  Pages: 320  Language: English

Fiction. LGBTQIA Studies. A trans woman watches her sleeping lover and contemplates the moment of his departure. A genderqueer sissy fantasizes alone about connection in their hotel room. A trans woman adjunct professor and sex worker is hired for a sex party held by her college’s philosophy department. A trans boy has a Craigslist hookup with a queen embarked on detransition. A bodiless AI announces its gender, takes a lover, and works to revolutionize the world. Presented here are thirty stories–edited and with an introduction by Tobi Hill- Meyer–that offer revolutionary erotic fantasies by trans people, about trans people, and for trans people at the crossroads of history, biology, anxiety, and love. “NERVE ENDINGS truly captures the politics, the feelings, and reality of being a sexual being as a trans person. In a world where trans narratives are focused around cis perspectives, Tobi Hill-Meyer shows that the best people to write about trans people’s sex lives are trans people themselves. This book is for us.”–Chelsea Poe “A smart, sexy, and diverse collection of stories exploring transgender sexualities from a first- person perspective.”–Julia Serano “Tobi Hill-Meyer takes all the healthful sexuality, celebrated individualism, and bodily familiarity that I love about queer porn and presents it in thirty conscientiously curated stories. She’s touched a nerve–and it feels good “–Jiz Lee

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