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Making Ash of Errors

 Author: Linda Robertson Reinhardt  Category: Fantasy  Publisher: Ingi House Publishing  Published: April 23, 2024  ISBN: 9781685440190  Pages: 323  Language: English  Tags: Trans Woman / Femme Character(s) |  Amazon  Kobo

A trans woman with a mischievous fire elemental thinks she is the only one bonded with such a creature until she becomes caught between opposing secret societies.

Talented trans singer Krissy Harlow dreams of headlining in Vegas, but she has a secret: Ember, a fiery fox who lives in her aura. Though uncertain exactly what he is, she knows he’s not imaginary or an outgrowth of childhood trauma—he can see under lottery scratch-off film, a talent that nicely supplements her otherwise crappy income.

Under murky circumstances, bartender Demo escaped the Dominati, one of two secret societies that govern who gets bonded with elementals. Ever since, he’s moved from city to city, not daring to use the magic they taught him to wield lest they come and reclaim him.

Demo is working at the Encantada when Krissy’s audition is disrupted by thugs. Realizing the goons are commanded by the Dominati, Demo is forced to use magic to save himself and the innocent people at the bar, but foiling this attack means his old rival will hunt him down.

Both Krissy and Demo feel trapped on the edge of society, never getting to fully engage as neither can truly trust anyone, but they’ll both have to face their pasts as they uncover the true motives of these secret societies and their common enemy, a new rogue group led by a man who calls himself the Helltrigger.

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“Making Ash of Errors is a fun, fast-paced urban fantasy adventure!”
– Lucy A. Snyder, author of Sister, Maiden, Monster

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Linda Robertson Reinhardt

Linda Robertson Reinhardt is an internationally published novelist and her short stories have appeared in several anthologies. She writes mostly gritty, dark urban fantasy, and she creates the covers and interior artwork. A former cover-band lead guitarist, this rocker is...

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