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In Universes by Emet North

 Author: Emet North  Category: General Fiction, Science Fiction  Publisher: Harper  Published: April 30, 2024  ISBN: 9780063314870  Pages: 240  Language: English  Tags: Nonbinary AuthorNonbinary Character(s) |  Alibris  Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Bookshop org  Kobo  Find in a Library

In Universes by Emet North is a profoundly imaginative debut novel set in numerous universes, which follows a queer physicist’s search for belonging across time and space.

Raffi works in an observational cosmology lab, searching for dark matter and trying to hide how little they understand their own research. Every chance they get, they escape to see Britt, a queer sculptor who fascinates them for reasons they also don’t–or won’t–understand.

As Raffi’s carefully constructed life begins to collapse, they become increasingly fixated on the multiverse and the idea that somewhere, there might be a universe where they mean as much to Britt as she does to them…and just like that, Raffi and Britt are thirteen years old, best friends and maybe something more.

In Universes is a mind-bending tour across parallel worlds, each an answer to the question of what life would be like if events had played out just a little differently. The universes grow increasingly strange: women fracture into hordes of animals, alien-infested bears prowl apocalyptic landscapes. But across them all, Raffi–alongside their sometimes-friends, sometimes-lovers Britt, Kay, and Graham–reaches for a life that feels authentically their own.

Blending realism with science fiction, In Universes explores the thirst for genius, the fluidity of gender and identity, and the pull of the past against the desire to lead a meaningful life. Part Ted Chiang, part Carmen Maria Machado, part Everything Everywhere All At Once, In Universes insists on the transgressive power of hope even in the darkest of times.

What people are saying about In Universes by Emet North:

A Lilith Magazine Most Anticipated Book of 2024 * A Literary Hub Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Book of 2024

“An explosion of creative beauty and heart.”-Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, author of Chain-Gang All-Stars

“Baffingly good.” -Jordy Rosenberg, author of Confessions of the Fox

“A miracle of physics and art.” -Julia Phillips, author of Disappearing Earth

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Emet North

Emet North has lived in a dozen states over the past decade and has no fixed residence, though they feel most at home in the mountains. In previous lives, they’ve worked in an observational cosmology lab on a grant from...

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