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Exile and Pride

 Author: Eli Clare  Category:  Published: January 1, 1999  ISBN: 0896086054  Pages: 147  Language: English

‘Exile and Pride is a call to awareness, an exhortation for each of us to examine our connection to and alienation from our environment, our sexuality, and each other.’ Kenny Fires, author of Body, Remember: A Memoir*BR**BR*’Eli Clare’s original work exploring the interstices between class, environmentalism, radical gender politics and disability consciousness moves beyond the false compartmentalisation that has characterised progressive politics in the nineties, and toward a viable radical politics for the twenty-first century.’ Ynestra King, polio survivor, co-editor, Dangerous Intersections *BR**BR*Eli Clare, a lesbian with cerebral palsy, examines environmentalism, disability and gender, both personally and politically. In interconnected essays, Clare links her life to the rednecks and clearcuts she grew up among, the freak shows of the nineteenth century, and the transgender warriors of today. Her intelligence and wit shine through her ruminations on cerebral palsy, child abuse, and her love of nature, and the connections among the histories of disabled people, women, and gay/lesbian/bi/trans people.

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