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Are You a Boy Or a Girl?

 Author: Karleen Pendleton Jiménez  Category: Juvenile Nonfiction, Lammy Finalist  Publisher: Green Dragon Press  Published: January 1, 2000  ISBN: 1896781144  Pages: 16  Language: English  Tags: l |  Alibris  Find in a Library

Children spend a lot of time debating with each other over what makes a boy a boy and a girl a girl. It’s a time of choices. It’s a time of creating themselves. It could be a time for blending and embracing the many ways they express themselves, but it is too often a time of narrowing the possibilities of who they can be. This book enters into this conversation and opens it up. It is the story of a child thinking through who she is, a child learning through her mother’s love how to be both strong and soft.

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