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All the Things They Said We Couldn’t Have

 Author: TC Oakes-Monger  Category: Biography & Autobiography, Essays  Published: January 19, 2023  ISBN: 1839971495  Pages: 144  Language: English  Tags: Nonbinary Author |  Alibris  Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Bookshop org  Kobo  Publisher  Find in a Library

All the Things They Said We Couldn’t Have is an uplifting and beautifully crafted collection of stories that celebrate the joy of being trans. Written by an award-winning author and following the cycle of the seasons, these empowering vignettes invite readers to find joy in their own lives.

‘Transition has not been something linear for me, my joy has come in seasons.’

Now, more than ever, trans people deserve to hear stories of joy and hope, where being trans doesn’t have to be defined by fear and dysphoria, but can be experienced through courage, freedom, and the love and acceptance of their chosen families.

Through a series of uplifting, generous and beautifully crafted vignettes, T. C. Oakes-Monger gently leads you through the cycle of the seasons – beginning in Autumn and the shedding of leaves and identity, moving through the darkness of Winter, its cold days, and the reality of daily life, into Spring, newness, and change, and ending with the joy of long Summer days and being out and proud – and invites you to find similar moments of joy in your life.

Celebratory and empowering, these stories are a reminder of the power joy can bring.

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TC Oakes-Monger

TC Oakes-Monger started writing as a means of survival. Growing up as a closeted queer in a rural village, moving to London was a game changer. After 4 years they realised medical school wasn’t for them, they came out as...

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