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Margins and Murmurations

 Author: Otter Lieffe  Category:  Published: May 15, 2021  ISBN: 3949349006  Pages: 384  Language: English

Characters typically absent from mainstream fiction take centre stage in this action packed story, bringing their fabulous complexity to the front-lines. After the economic crises of the 2020s, a corner of Europe known only as the State has become a monoculture of gender, sexuality, ability and race. Forced to leave their home, Ash and Pinar, elder leaders of the Resistance, have made a new, quieter life in the forest. But nothing lasts forever. These best friends answer the calls of the past – and the future – to rejoin their community and face their oppressors head on. As a movement, they organise for dignity and self-determination. Together, they fight to survive.

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