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Heal Your Love

 Author: Luna Merbruja  Category:  Published: April 20, 2018  ISBN: 0999673068  Pages: 118  Language: English

Heal Your Love is a poetry collection of lessons and remedies for femme survivors of trauma. With unflinching honesty, Merbruja delivers a book filled with hurt, hope, and honey for our open wounds. Heal Your Love comes with 5 original illustrations by Roxana Dhada that begin each chapter of the book. The book cover and lettering are done by Mar Pascual. There are 40] poems in the book that chronicle a journey through trauma, healing, and thriving. BOOK REVIEWS “Luna’s poems are powerful and poignant explorations of love, sex, desire, and identity. She tells truths that are valuable both because they are so often not heard and also because of the stunning level of craft she brings to story-telling.” – Nia King, author of Queer and Trans Artists of Color Vol I and II “Heal Your Love is the work of a mighty sorceress – a book borne out of the brutality and violence that makes forgiveness oh so tender. Luna Merbruja is a confessional poet whose mastery of the form belies a word-witch at the height of her powers: These poems are life and death and rebirth made into song and spell. Merbruja reaches deep into the genre of memoir, pull out its guts, and shows us the beating heart of what it means to struggle, survive, and thrive as a Brown trans woman in America. These poems are blood, memory and fire. Read these poems.” – Kai Cheng Thom, author of Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl’s Confabulous Memoir “Luna Merbruja’s work makes me want to live. This book of poetry is the gentlest whisper, telling me that healing is possible, love is worth it, and our imagination is our freedom. Luna has given birth to possibility. I am honored to have witnessed it.” – xoai pham, Poet

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