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Decolonizing Trans/Gender 101

 Author: B. Binaohan  Category:  Publisher: Biyuti Publishing  Published: June 1, 2014  ISBN: 0993793517  Pages: 152  Language: English

tired of reading yet another trans/gender 101 entirely centered around white people and their normative narratives? tired of feeling like you must be _this_ tall to be trans enough to belong in the community ? tired of feeling like the white trans community is erasing your experiences? having gender feels but not understanding how they fit into the current white hegemonic discourse on gender? decolonizing trans/gender 101 is a short, accessible (and non-academic) critique of many of the fundamental concepts in white trans/gender theory and discourse. written for the indigenous and/or person of colour trying to understand how their gender is/has been impacted by whiteness and colonialism.

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