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Autumn Harvest

 Author: Tof Eklund  Category:  Published: January 30, 2015  ISBN: 0692378847  Pages: 422  Language: English

Autumn Harvest: Maiden is a sensual and socially conscious tale of irrepressible longing in a court full of intrigue and inequality. Yelen is a long-lived witch of the Order sent to the patriarchal kingdom of Thrycae, where witchcraft is punishable by death. Kaye is the young prince of that kingdom, and becomes attached to Yelen after she saves his life (but not the use of his legs) from a deadly childhood disease. As the years pass, Kaye grows into a handsome and thoughtful adult, and Yelen finds herself drawn to him despite the mortal peril inherent in such an affair.Eighteen short stories from the world of Autumn Harvest are also included in this volume, including a jilted young man’s life-changing encounter with an emerald-eyed dwarf, the inner monologue of a lady’s maid in need of a helping hand, the frustrations of a dominant dryad, and a series of tales about a polyamorous trio.

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